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Explore the Styles of Yoga

Each style of yoga will challenge your mind and body in unique ways, it's a disciplined practice that pays off in many ways. At YogaWorks we offer yoga and fitness classes that will increase your strength, flexibility, stability and improve mental clarity and calmness. YogaWorks offers many different styles of yoga, including our signature style created by our founders.

Learn about the major styles of yoga, from the history of the practice to the achievable benefits in mind and body. Each style of yoga (and fitness) sections also review the types of classes you can find at YogaWorks. Explore all your options and find the right class for you.

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Flow
Astanga Vinyasa (Primary Series)

Astanga Vinyasa (Intermediate Series)
Breathing Techniques
Meditation and Pranayama